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Coulter was recently convicted of racketeering related to his human trafficking ring and sentenced to prison. Diaz is still awaiting trial later this month — a trial where JohnTV. Regardless, little Germaine is living in the style to which big Germaine was accustomed.


The alleged leaders of an often violent human trafficking ring; Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler. Kayla Conley and Kristian Gers were both arrested late last month as part of the national and annual anti child-sex-trafficking initiative dubbed Operation Cross Country — a multijuridictional effort utilizing local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Conley, Gers and 58 others were arrested and proudly paraded before the media outside the Oklahoma County Jail as they made their way to booking.

Conley and Gers so far face the most serious charges and today JohnTV obtained the probable cause affidavits against them. According to investigators, on July 24, at about 8 p.

On Aug. Lamecker was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on complaints of human trafficking and felony prostitution within 1, feet of a church. Lamecker was already out on bond from her Oklahoma City arrest only days ago. In that incident Lamecker was arrested on felony charges illegally possessing a firearm, felony computer crimes and misdemeanor prostitution. Court records show that Lamecker has a warrant for her arrest in Rogers County for a conviction for assault and battery. In Oct. When undercover officers approached Steeleman and identified themselves, Steelman tried to flee on foot but was captured.

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Police arrested Steelman for aiding and abetting prostitution after it was confirmed he rented the motel room for English. Detectives next met with English in May of when they made contact with her in the Oklahoma County Jail. At that time English reportedly told investigators that she and Steelman were in a romantic relationship in August of when he convinced her she should prostitute to support them.

English allegedly admitted to engaging in a great many sexual encounters with strangers between Sept. English told detectives that she soon did not want to continue working as a prostitute but that Steelman physically and verbally abused her when she complained. On July 10, of this year formal charges were filed in Oklahoma County against both English and Steelman.

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Steelman is charged with pandering, aiding and abetting prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution. English is charged with felony computer crimes and misdemeanor offering to engage in prostitution. There are also active warrants against both English and Steelman for felony charges of possession of a stolen credit and debit cards.

Public records show that home to be owned by a Charlie and Jane English. If you know where English or Steelman are, please contact police you can verify if they still have active warrants at this link. JohnTV was the first to report on the May 1st prostitution sting initiated by the newly formed human trafficking enforcement division of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Have no fear, nothing on the Internet is ever really deleted….

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Hmmm, attorneys looking out for attorneys? According to court and police records, Nguyen was at a metro area Walgreens when he approached a year-old female and asked to use her cell phone.

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Hours later the girl began receiving texts from Nguyen that quickly turned sexual and then criminal. Nguyen made the investigation for police pretty simple because he reportedly used his name, was very specific about what he wanted and even gave his real home address.

Police arrested Nguyen the same day he targeted his victim — but not before he tried to flee his residence when officers arrived. When captured Nguyen claimed he was only years-old and spoke no English. In Nov. Tung Nguyen charged after sending lewd texts soliciting prostitution to teen. JohnTV was the first to break the story of the investigation and arrest of year-old Joshua Ray Hudson back in May of this year.

According to police reports and court records, undercover officers received information that a pregnant and missing year-old female was being pimped out on the website Back. Officers were directed to meet-up with the teen at the Broadway Suites at S. Broadway Ave. Officers approached the males and identified one as Hudson and the other was not identified in court records because he was a minor. Hudson had several hundred dollars in cash on him and a credit card that was used to pay for the online.

Hudson was formally charged in Oklahoma County with felony human trafficking on May 20, of this year. On July 3rd Hudson pleaded guilty and was ordered to complete in-custody RID and his sentencing was delayed until April 4, Hudson has listed his residence in the past as in the block of Shannon Lane Waterloo and Phillips area in Edmond. However, his most recent court record shows his former residential address as Willow Cliff Apartments in Warr Acres across the street from Putnam City Original high school.

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Campfield first made headlines after he allegedly was seen taking photos up the skirt of high school students at a graduation ceremony. Robinson Ave. JohnTV first reported on the arrest of year-old Bryant Hajaly Villalobos 18 at the time of the crime back in March of this year. According to court records, Villalobos approached four young men and a young woman late one night in April of in Draper Park — located at SW 37 and S.

Villalobos allegedly used a small pistol to rob all five of the people of everything they had on them. Villalobos then allegedly did the unthinkable, he took the young woman to the playground area and repeatedly raped her at gun point while her boyfriend and three others felt powerless to do anything for fear the teenage girl would be killed. Villalobos then reportedly fled to his home at SW Grand Blvd. Villalobos then reportedly made a full confession.

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In May of Villalobos was formally charged in Oklahoma County with 12 felonies ranging from robbery with a dangerous weapon to rape and forcible anal sodomy. While in custody and awaiting trial, Villalobos picked up additional felony charges for possession of contraband in a penal institution. Robinson area — an area known for prostitution, trafficking and violence against women. JohnTV was the first to report on the billboard by ArrangementFinders. Accompanying press releases from the company behind the ad claim the billboard is specifically targeting co-eds on the nearby Oklahoma City University Campus.

While ArrangementFinders. The controversial billboard was covered by local media outlets FOX25 and News9.

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ArrangementFinders claims that their website does not promote prostitution and made it clear they had nothing to do with their own billboards removal. Almost immediately the Edmond based anti-trafficking non-profit No Boundaries International stepped up to respond to the questionable advertising.

After agreeing to remove the original billboard, Vital Outdoor Advertising offered to donate to No Boundaries a month of free promotion at that very location along with placement at at least one additional electronic billboard.

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Volunteers and staff with No Boundaries immediately began working on not just a message but a direct response to the ArrangementFinders that have been appearing near college campuses in several U. The billboard production was paid for with a generous sponsorship donation by local criminal defense attorney Scott Adams.

The plan is to reach out to other communities facing similar intrusions by companies like ArrangementFinders and to make their billboard, marketing materials and website available for their own response with a more realistic and positive message.

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The billboard controversy and unveiling of No Boundaries response billboard was covered by News9 and reporter Lisa Monahan-Tanner. One woman Turner seems to still have a grip on is Jessica, a year-old long time drug addict, street prostitute and absentee mother of at least two. Court records detail how Diaz would often approach teenage girls at local malls like Penn Square and try to lure them into prostitution with promises of luxury living, fancy cars, jewelry and nice homes.

In September of Diaz, Coulter and three women were charged with felony racketeering in regard to their alleged human trafficking and pimping activities and their efforts to conceal the hundreds of thousands in illegal profits. There he is said to have continued his pimping of young women.

Even though Diaz has amassed a small fortune trafficking young women, he was allowed to force all of us to pay for his defense when he was granted a public defender. Two years after charges were filed against him, Diaz pleaded guilty this past Tuesday to felony racketeering.

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Normally this is the part where is justice is served — unfortunately, justice is often a rare thing in Oklahoma County. Even though Diaz has spent much of his own life ruining the lives of those he preys upon, Oklahoma County Judge Ray Elliot and Oklahoma County assistant district attorney Jennifer Chance supported a sentence of only years behind bars, followed by years of supervised probation. Additionally, this sentence was not just for the racketeering case.

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Prosecutors and Judge Elliot allowed two other felony cases against Diaz to be combined with this sentence — one felony case for a domestic assault and battery resulting in great bodily injury and another felony case for attempting to intimidate a witness into not testifying against him. Judge Elliot justified his sentence because Rodriguez was a drug addict with a long history of theft related crimes.

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Diaz is also receiving credit for time already served and the courts have agreed to administrative review this sentence on Sept. All-in-all this means Diaz may only serve an additional years before he is released back into society. Excerpt from court records — comments by a woman who had been pimped by Diaz in Texas. Excerpt from court records — partial transcript of a telephone call between Diaz and Heather regarding Brandi see photo above.

Excerpt from court records — Portion of a police report regarding Diaz trolling OKC malls looking for teens to prostitute. And when child prostitutes go unnoticed they have no choice but to often become adult prostitutes.

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Yvonne came from a broken home, an abusive system and ultimately her first pimp was her own mother at the age of When those who are supposed to love you unconditionally turn their back on you, how can you ever trust others, yet alone find the confidence to trust yourself? For the next 25 plus years Yvonne worked every manner of prostitution known all across the United States. Ultimately in Yvonne found herself back on South Robinson Ave. Yvonne has fought tooth and nail to save her own life while acknowledging the humanity and inhumanity of others within our society.

You can learn more about Yvonne and her story at her Facebook scroll to the bottom of her and then read going up. Below is a video montage of Yvonne. This video covers a period of time from to The video is almost minutes long but is one of the most remarkable journeys you will ever witness. JohnTV often gets s from fans that inquire about high profile individuals highlighted on this website. They often want to know if a person is still prostituting, in prison or if they managed to turn their life around.

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Mary Ann Kladky, 26, and her association with the Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz human trafficking and prostitution rings have been featured on JohnTV several times over the years. Klady and Diaz were charged and later pleaded guilty to felony assault and battery.

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