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The couple living in the house on McKenzie Point Road was charged with racketeering, concealing criminal proceeds and prostitution Thursday after officers seized computers, ledgers and documents outlining their business, which at one point was even a registered corporation in Minnesota.

Detectives traced a phone on Back to year-old Brittany Harenza, identifying her trafficker as Ricky Turner Jr. The criminal complaint released Thursday outlines the months-long law enforcement investigation into what they believe is a multi-state enterprise, featuring conspicuous social media posts and up to 35 women in 14 states.

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Investigators requested a subpoena from Back for all sex advertisements posted by that user, returning over a thousand that had been placed over the past year depicting the images of as many as 35 different women in 14 different states, including Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Utah, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas and Florida. Another subpoena revealed the Comcast IP address used to post the ad was registered to Mckenzie Point Road where they both lived. Both users also featured other women police believe were being trafficked as well.

A search warrant which yielded Facebook messenger conversations between Turner, Harenza and potential recruits outlined their recruitment process for potential prostitutes after Back announced it was shutting down its escort section.

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Turner can be found in multiple conversations telling women that they will not have to worry about future bills and frequently references the amount of money his women make. The company did have an accompanying clothing sales website—without any clothing listed for sale.

Asian Escort in North St. Paul Minnesota, USA

Neither individual had filed a tax return in years, throwing up red flags for investigators. Investigators also were able to find coinciding Facebook posts and Back prostitution posted by the same user when the pair was traveling, including stops in Atlanta and Miami with similar penthouse accommodations.

North St. Paul MN Escorts

Turner was charged with four counts, including aiding and abetting a racketeering enterprise, concealing criminal proceeds, sex trafficking of minors and promoting prostitution. He has a long rap sheet full of armed robberies, and a few years ago he was one of people arrested nationwide in a massive FBI sweep that focused on pimps—but from what Fox 9 investigators have been told, he was never charged with a crime in that case.

Asian Escort in North St. Paul Minnesota, USA

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