The Power of Slow and Steady

We are a world obsessed with being in the fast lane. And, to echo the sentiment of a recent talk I heard, being in a practice of slowness is both challenging and crucial. It’s a necessity that we learn to slow down and savor what life has to offer us, but with a society that moves at a million miles a second, how do we survive (or worse– keep from being disconnected) when our minds and bodies are begging to take it down a notch and just be?

Fortunately, vans have a tendency to make everything wonderfully slower.


We recently took our first dispersed camping trip of the season in Vanna, and were so pleased with how easy it was to be disconnected and whole. There was thick, honest quiet. There was starlight out the back window before sleep overtook our eyelids. There was hot tea and cooking simply, and time to enjoy it in the crisp morning air.


Speaking of cooking, we’ve been turning a lot of our attention to the structure of our storage and kitchen areas these days. It’s important to us that we design the interior of the van to genuinely reflect the day-to-day ways we’ll use our adventuremobile, which has been a fun and experimental process. The best part is that experimenting with this project means taking the van out on weekends to test out our build. Initially, we had equated converting the van quickly with converting the van well. However, going slow with the project has actually made the conversion more fun and ultimately something we’ll love even more.


We also give ourselves time to think when things move slow. Shane has been making a lot of time to think about our electrical setup, which is quite an undertaking. I’m really enjoying all the conversations we have around the design of where and how everything is going to go and operate.


When we take things slow, we ultimately have more energy to be creative and physically active because we’re not on the verge of burnout all of the time. It allows us to move through our days with more spontaneity and whimsy, and makes us more appreciative of all we accomplish.


We also breathe a little deeper.


Ultimately, life moves better when it’s moving slower. It’s not a race out there— it’s a journey. So take the time to enjoy what’s around you (and if that means getting a van to facilitate the process… well, you do what you’ve gotta do).


3 thoughts on “The Power of Slow and Steady

  1. Excellent thought piece.

    We didn’t have an opportunity to thoroughly road test our campervan before hitting the road. So we ended up having to do many small alterations and modifications wherever and whenever we could with whatever limited tools we had on hand.

    Life on the road definitely teaches one to be resourceful and focus on the most important things affecting you, rather than get caught up with trivial matters.


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