A Coastal Vanlife Valentine’s

We’ve been spending the past few weeks working hard on Vanna to get the walls installed. Between our full time jobs, regular runs to Lowe’s and Home Depot, and keeping all those little ‘life’ things together, we’ve been pretty busy! A weekend on the Oregon coast was a very welcome getaway. (Side note: for those who are curious about the wall installation, there’s a post on that forthcoming. Stay tuned!)

After spending a day in Portland, we made it down to Cannon Beach to wake up next to this little beach town.

First order of the day– coffee. We found a great little cafe called Insomnia Coffee Co. right next to the beach. Delicious brew and baked goods in the morning sunshine, with the call of the beach right outside.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
We took our breakfast to go and walked the shore. Haystack Rock off in the distance, at first obscured in a blanket of sea mist, became clear and bright as we continued to meander.







After some beach bumming around, we drove up to Fort Stevens State Park, which covers the most northwestern tip of Oregon where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. The evergreens hug the coastline until the land gives way to sand.



One of the best and most unexpected parts of this trip was that Shane took a few days to build out v.1 of our bed system, just in time for the weekend. What a wonderful surprise! We definitely took the time to enjoy the open doors in the early afternoon light, breeze coming in. Now that the bed is starting to take shape, we are definitely feeling more at home in our adventuremobile. Things are really coming together!




On the ride back up Hwy 101 to Seattle, we stopped in southern WA to enjoy the sunset. One of our favorite pastimes with Vanna is to stop at a vista, open the sliding door, and take in the view as the sun goes down. This is one of the things that makes van life so worth it– the world is beautiful and accessible with a home in 4 wheels.





One thought on “A Coastal Vanlife Valentine’s

  1. Hello
    Great blog and Instagram posts, love the photos. I wanted to know as much about your ford transit as you can give me, what size, length, opinion, etc.
    You see my fiancé and are looking into getting one or something like it. We have a vanagon and love it but it’s 25 years old and not always totaly dependable. We want to keep it but get something a little newer. We want it to be out surf mobile. We live about 2 hours from where we surf so we want something we can put the boards in and have eough room to crash in if need be.
    Do you have advice about the ford?
    Tips on conversions for a little bed?
    Websites that have tips or products for converions.
    Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you.
    Ryan and Nina


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