Exploring Washington’s Little Bavaria by Van

The third weekend in November, for many folks, is about staying inside, eating our weight in potatoes and turkey, and recovering from the Black Friday hangover. For us, it’s about taking the time to have an extended weekend getaway (after the aforementioned turkey and potato cramming with family, of course). This year, we went to Leavenworth, and it was a truly magical weekend! This adorable little town in full Bavarian style received a gorgeous dusting of snow while we were visiting, which made for some beautiful photos and excursions through the area.

Leavenworth-300 Leavenworth-247 Leavenworth-186

We took a hike at Icicle Ridge, which is a steady 2.5 mile trek up to– you guessed it– a ridge. The incline is moderate but consistent, with sweeping views of the town and surrounding mountains.

Leavenworth-41 Leavenworth-68 At night, temperatures got as low as 11 degrees– pretty chilly for Vanna, and for us! Luckily, we came prepared with our newly insulated walls and Mr.Heater. Since we have yet to build our bed and storage system, we are still rocking the double sleeping bag. Sticking a down comforter inside the sleep sack at night kept us nice and toasty while our van was turning into an icicle factory.Leavenworth-19

One other key component to our Thanksgiving adventure: leftovers (thanks, families!).


Many of our weekend trips are fairly remote, so spending a few hours each day in town to read at a coffee shop or have some local brew was a nice treat. We also took some time to walk the waterfront trails, which were beautiful in the early evening light.

Leavenworth-78 Leavenworth-155 Leavenworth-314 Leavenworth-329 Leavenworth-337 Leavenworth-360 Leavenworth-389

Since we were jonesin’  for some good snowshoeing by Day 3, Shane and I took Vanna up to Stevens Pass on our route home and stopped to admire the view near the top of an abandoned ski lift. The snow pack has been pretty minimal so far this season– bad news for skiiers, but great news for those who like to snowshoe.


Leavenworth-430 Leavenworth-444 Leavenworth-490

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