Van Conversions: Sound Deadening

As colder weather approaches, there are few things more on our mind than insulation. Being in the Northwest, we are also keenly aware that insulating the van without research could lead to some intense mold, so we’ve been taking our time in deciding how to properly equip Vanna White.  The van life community is definitely torn on what kind of insulation materials are best to use!

The first step we were most definitely confident on was the sound-deadening/insulating piece. We estimate it will take about 4 boxes of this stuff to cover the ceiling and several panels on the walls.

vanwork-178Just line it up, stick it on, and roll it flat! If you’re in a colder season, you might have more success by heating up the inside of your adventuremobile first. The insulation is more pliable if it’s at room temperature.


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