Van Conversions: Quick Install Utility Sink for Your Camper

When we initially got Vanna, we had heightened awareness that only so many things would fit in our adventuremobile. We wrote a list of essentials to prioritize installing in the van, and to our surprise, a sink was last.

Then we scrapped the list and went to Home Depot to get a sink, because we obviously had miscalculated.

2014-09-22 21.36

Of all the sinks we looked at, the one we decided to go with was a small utility sink with cabinetry below. Why? With a sink made for anything, we will be able to wash not only hands and food and dishes, but also clothes– and even our hair, should we ever need to. The cabinetry at the bottom is just the right size to hold 2 containers: one for fresh water, and one for grey water.

Shane installed the sink in Vanna White, and this was the result of version 1 underneath the sink. We’ll be installing a freshwater tank next to the grey water tank (pictured below) and connect it to a hand-pump-powered sink faucet.  A simple solution to our van sink needs!


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