Our First Trip: Navigating The Southwest.

One autumn night two years ago, I found myself at a computer screen with Shane, staring at a map of the Southwest. The plan: take a two-week road trip, live minimally, and practice spontaneity.

“So… we’re doing this.” It was both a statement and a question. And I said yes, not knowing what we were truly getting into.

A few months later, we were in the Southwest, living out of the back of Shane’s green Toyota Cruiser, and traveling from national park to national park in search of adventure and beauty. We found a lot more than that– we found that not only could we live with less, but that we genuinely enjoyed it.

SW_Trip-221 SW_Trip-413b SW_Trip-623 SW_Trip-686 SW_Trip-713 SW_Trip-1053 SW_Trip-1882b SWPano-1603

When we arrived back home in Seattle, we started some research and learned that living and traveling are not mutually exclusive.

It gave us some ideas.

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